Mike Northover

Mike Northover

Copywriter & Marketer

Mike spent many years working for specialist marketing agencies, working on campaigns for big brands. He believes passionately that brand voice is a key part of brand identity, and that to really engage customers, a business needs to have guidelines that address how it should speak – not just how it should look.

At Deep, Mike works with a diverse range of businesses, helping them to find their own unique ‘brand voice’ and identify key marketing messages – before creating compelling written content that delivers results.

When he takes time out from sharpening his pencils, it’s usually to stroke his beloved Nespresso coffee machine, go for a long off-road bike ride or practice yoga really badly. He’s always up for a Guinness, but be prepared for nostalgic ramblings about his time as a holiday rep, and his career-high – working in marketing at Club 18-30 Holidays.



robert bullard

Robert Bullard


Robert Bullard is a copywriter of websites, newsletters, case studies, flyers, and blogs. He is also an enthusiastic and popular trainer in writing skills, and does copy-editing/proofreading. (For more details, see: www.perfecttext.org)

To copywriting clients, Robert brings the skills and expertise of a professional writer (from 2004–11 he wrote features for The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph) together with a wide knowledge of different businesses (having worked in private consultancy, in senior positions in local government, and as a manager and volunteer in the third sector).

Robert’s training in writing skills covers three broad areas: Career Essentials (e.g. Report Writing, Business Writing, Press Releases), Writing for Today’s Needs (e.g. Writing for the Web and Blogging), and the Fundamentals of Good English (such as Grammar and Proofreading). 

In 2015, Robert authored Business Writing Tips: For Easy and Effective Results.