Mike Northover

Mike Northover

Copywriter & Marketer

Mike spent many years working for specialist marketing agencies, working on campaigns for big brands. He believes passionately that brand voice is a key part of brand identity, and that to really engage customers, a business needs to have guidelines that address how it should speak – not just how it should look.

At Deep, Mike works with a diverse range of businesses, helping them to find their own unique ‘brand voice’ and identify key marketing messages – before creating compelling written content that delivers results.

When he takes time out from sharpening his pencils, it’s usually to stroke his beloved Nespresso coffee machine, go for a long off-road bike ride or practice yoga really badly. He’s always up for a Guinness, but be prepared for nostalgic ramblings about his time as a holiday rep, and his career-high – working in marketing at Club 18-30 Holidays.

Lisa Chaffey, Pickle Marketing

Lisa Chaffey

Social Media Princess

Lisa is an experienced marketer and event organiser, but her real passion is helping clients to embrace the power of social media to generate brand awareness and drive sales. A true ‘digital native’, Lisa believes all businesses – whatever their size or sector, can benefit from integrating social media into their marketing, and she uses her expertise to plan and implement strategic campaigns to help companies engage with customers and prospects.

Positive vibes ooze from Lisa’s every pore, and she meets each new challenge with a smile, rolled up sleeves and a big dose of ‘can do’ determination. If she’s not helping clients to get social, Lisa is probably walking her gorgeous little Westie ‘Pickles’, baking cupcakes, learning something new, going for a run, hanging out with inspiring people, or just reading a good book!


Jon Baverstock

Graphic Designer

Passionate about good design and its power to deliver messages and make things happen, Jon loves using his creative skills to help business owners communicate more effectively online and offline. He thinks design for designs sake is fine in an art gallery, but not in the commercial world where it has to drive results, so expect a thorough quizzing about your audience and your objectives!

If he has any energy left over at the end of the day, Jon likes to channel it into riding his road bike (Lucille) or going for a run – but any health benefits from these activities are largely offset by the stress of being a Reading FC season ticket holder. A love of music – the Beatles and the Stone Roses in particular – provides creative inspiration, but verges on the dangerously obsessive.

robert bullard

Robert Bullard


Robert Bullard is a copywriter of websites, newsletters, case studies, flyers, and blogs. He is also an enthusiastic and popular trainer in writing skills, and does copy-editing/proofreading. (For more details, see: www.perfecttext.org)

To copywriting clients, Robert brings the skills and expertise of a professional writer (from 2004–11 he wrote features for The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph) together with a wide knowledge of different businesses (having worked in private consultancy, in senior positions in local government, and as a manager and volunteer in the third sector).

Robert’s training in writing skills covers three broad areas: Career Essentials (e.g. Report Writing, Business Writing, Press Releases), Writing for Today’s Needs (e.g. Writing for the Web and Blogging), and the Fundamentals of Good English (such as Grammar and Proofreading). 

In 2015, Robert authored Business Writing Tips: For Easy and Effective Results.