Spring Web Watch! Is Your Website Looking Fresh?

Spring Web Watch! Is Your Website Looking Fresh?

It’s important to regularly review and update your website, making sure content and design stay fresh. As well as ensuring new and returning visitors get the best experience, the search engines love updates, so it will help push your site further up the rankings and generate more traffic

If you’ve not yet got around to implementing web reviews as part of your ongoing marketing activity, now is a great time to make a start. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your site.

To help you get started, Here are a few areas you might want to look at:

Keep it clean. Declutter!

All good make-overs begin with a declutter, so check your site for anything that’s superfluous, out of date – or simply no longer relevant. If you’re not looking in-depth at all areas of your site frequently, it’s easy to forget to remove something that’s past its sell-by date.

Check you’re taking your visitor on an easy to follow journey

The key objective of your website is to get your visitor as quickly as you can to the point where they pick up the phone, make a purchase – or take whatever other action you want them to.

For this to happen, your site needs to take them on an easy to follow journey from start to finish. Is your site navigation as clear as it could be? It’s easy to get ‘too close’ to your own site – test it on people who are not familiar with it and get their feedback.

Make sure every page answers the questions a visitor might ask, provides easy access to all relevant information, and has clear calls to action, so it’s obvious what you want visitors to do next.

Introduce new images

It’s images that will grab browsing visitors’ attention initially. Avoid using stock library shots if you possibly can, and invest instead in having your own unique portfolio created by a professional photographer.

Even if the images on your site look great, ringing the changes now and then will help make it look shiny and new. Visuals will always speak louder than words, and the current trend is towards making sites more visual and less wordy.

Does your copy need refreshing?

Revisit your site and spend some time reading through the text – even better, get someone impartial to do it for you. Are the words you’re using working as hard as they could be?

Do you need all the text? A dense block of copy can often push someone away from a web page rather than draw them into it. Are you using strong, creative headlines? Is copy clear and succinct? Does it focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than its features?

 Add new features

Could adding in new features to your site help engage visitors? If you don’t already have them, maybe consider adding case studies, customer testimonials or FAQs. Or think about giving away free information that will be of interest to visitors – and help position you as an expert in your sector.

Keep social media feeds, blogs & news up to date

It’s important to make sure you keep social media feeds, blogs and news areas regularly updated. Be realistic about the time you’re able to dedicate to this task, but keep to your schedule so that visitors can see you are updating.

Is your website ready to attract and engage new visitors? Will it give returners something new and encourage them to look around? If you’re not sure where to start with your Spring Web Watch, or you simply don’t have the time, we can freshen up your website for you, and make it like new again – and we promise no Bill Oddie will visit you.

Each month, Deep is offering a limited number of FREE web copy reviews (for micro-businesses only). We will ask you to answer a few simple questions about your business, your customers and your products or services. We’ll then undertake a 1-hour review of copy on a couple of your key web pages, providing you with top-line feedback and advising you of any areas where we recommend attention.

Book your FREE web copy review!

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