Grammarly Introduces Email Tone Detection

Grammarly Introduces Email Tone Detection

In a recent blog post – Mind Your Tone! Do You Have Tone of Voice Guidelines for Your Business? we wrote about how important it is to make sure you get your tone right in all written communications

This is as true for email as it is for any other medium. Depending on how quickly you type, your thoughts can be translated into text and fired off to your recipient in a matter of seconds.

The instant nature of email means it’s all too easy to send a message without checking you got the tone just right. Did you come across as being too anxious, too informal, too compliant, or too something else?

Now though, you can harness the power of AI to help ensure the tone of your emails is spot on.

Grammarly – the digital writing tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help anyone improve their writing skills has introduced a ‘tone detector’ function into their product for Chrome. It checks what you’re typing and helps you to anticipate how your reader might interpret your writing.

According to Grammarly, tone detection will give you “a second chance to add a little more confidence, friendliness, or whatever the situation calls for before you hit send.”

View the short video Meet Grammarly’s tone detector to find out more.

 So That’s Emails Sorted. What About All Your Other Written Communications?

Unfortunately, AI is not the answer to all your tonal issues when it comes to writing. For now at least, it’s a case of checking everything carefully to make sure the words you use send exactly the right message.

Or….you can use Deep. Whatever you need to communicate, we can create written content that will ensure your message is received in precisely the tone you intended!

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