Find Your Unique Brand Voice & Win More Business!

Find Your Unique Brand Voice & Win More Business!

You know how your brand looks, but do you know how it speaks? Tone of voice is an area that can often be overlooked by businesses when they develop their brand identity.

What is tone of voice?

Tone of voice is about how an organisation uses language to give it its own distinct and recognisable voice. Like people, every organisation is unique: each has its own personality, character, culture, values – and its own way of speaking.

Your tone of voice is how your brand would speak if it could talk, and it’s a crucial part of your brand identity.

 Why does tone of voice matter?

You communicate with your customers through a wide range of online and offline media. Written content may be created by many different people – from inside and outside your organisation – and it’s vital you always speak with one voice.

By maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all your written communications, you ensure your customers get a unified brand experience however they connect with you.

Making sure all your written content speaks in your own distinctive tone of voice will help to:

Make your communications more effective: Using a clear, consistent tone of voice will help you convey your marketing messages more effectively. Customers will find the information they need quickly and easily and will be more likely to take the action you want.

Differentiate you from your competitors: Using a distinctive tone of voice when you write is another way you can set your brand apart from your competitors.

Increase customer recognition: Branding is about creating a strong corporate identity that’s instantly recognisable to customers. Complementing your visual identity – logo, colours, fonts and so on – with a reassuringly familiar tone of voice will increase customer recognition.

Create an emotional engagement: Your business depends on developing relationships with customers. They’re far more likely to engage with a brand if they feel an emotional bond with it. Your tone of voice enables you to demonstrate your personality and helps you gain the trust and loyalty of customers.

Using a process we call VoiceID, we can help your business to establish a unique, clear and credible tone of voice.

The VoiceID process

 Stage 1: Tone of Voice Audit & Application

We collect in-depth information about your product or service, your culture, values and target customers and ask you to undertake a series of simple exercises. From this, we work with you to define your tone of voice.

We create a Tone of Voice Guide tailored to your business, giving you and your team guidelines to follow when creating written content. We will also apply your tone of voice to a short document or a key page on your website.

Stage 2: Tone of Voice Copywriting

This stage is optional. If you’d like us to, we can apply your desired tone of voice to your website – and any other sales and marketing materials you use.

Let us help you find your unique brand voice!

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